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Hashtag Thanks

I haven’t been on tumblr for a very long while. 

I have to take some quiet time to prepare for church the next day. So much flies by throughout the week, and it’s so difficult to just slow down.

Even on Thanksgiving, being plagued with the endless to-do list I create for myself, I haven’t been able to be still and rest in God’s love. 

Sooo tonight, right now, I want to give thanks.

To give thanks that even throughout the difficult, confusing times of postgrad life, that God has given me friends that can be supportive and that try to meet up with me to see how I’m doing.

To give thanks that I can spend much time with my family.

To give thanks that I can serve at my home church for the year.

To give thanks for all my friends who aren’t Christian or even religious in the slightest who are so kind to me and accepting and loving towards me. You all humble me.

To give thanks to those who pray for me still, even though distance keeps us apart. 

To give thanks for trials of faith.

To give thanks to the random people I meet in this life of suburbia that have struck up conversation with me and given me random encouragement.

To give thanks for the amazing teachers I’ve been blessed with in my life, whose words still echo in my mind and encourage me.

To give thanks to Jesus for washing away our sins so that we may know and have a relationship with the Father.

To give thanks for the future, which is filled with hope, because I know God has the best in store for me, even if it may hurt or be difficult.

To give thanks for this time to even give thanks! :0)