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I’m not a big youtuber, but i stumbled upon The Mahogany Session’s youtube channel and found myself watching its videos for an hour straight—which I’ve never done before in my life. Check it out!

coffee-scented sweat bedsheets

that moment when you wake up

and you look at your life 

no—your life looks at you

with uninvited flashbacks

and you literally can do nothing except

agonize and cringe and acknowledge

that you have seriously fucked up


that moment when you realize

that you are so powerless from being a fool

a genuine, fucking fool

and you look at your decisions

and you realize there aren’t any other

possible ways to interpret your tossed turns except

that you made a mistake

and you were wrong


that moment when you cry out

for the Supreme Being of the Universe

and you realize—He cries out for you

with unrelenting love

and you realize there’s nothing you can do except

open your arms and ask Him

to take you in once again.